Auction Simplified

Cloud Based Auction Software For Any Auction Implementation. Live Auction, Online, Bid-Sale, Private label, Timed Event, Classic Car Auctions, Construction Equipment, and Many More.

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Dealer Bid-Sale Auction Software

Where auto Dealers offer their wholesale inventory for sale to independent used car dealers in a sealed bid auction. Eliminating 3rd party auction expenses while increasing per vehicle wholesale profit.

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Dealer Group Internal Auction

Take advantage of your size by providing your member dealers the ability to trade cars between locations using simple auction software and timed events.

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Construction Equipment Auction

Cloud-based mobile auction software, allows you to run the auction live on the lot, or online with photos and video.

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Classic Car Auction Software

Public classic car auctions require a specialized software system to make it fun, easy, and exciting for the bidders.

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Online Proxy Bidding Software

Start the bidding online and finish in the lane or entirely online without a lane, either way, Auction Simplified is the software you need.

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HD Simulcast Auction Software

Almost Zero Latency Simulcast where bidders can listen in and view a live video or photo stream where live video is impractical.

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Whether you're an independent auto auction, franchise dealer, OEM or Online Only, Auction Simplified is the auction software you need.

Silent Bid Sale

All the features of a traditional bid sale with full online bidding, CR and invoicing. All the features of a traditional bid sale with full online bidding, CR and invoicing.

Internal Auction
For Groups & OEMS

For large automotive dealer groups and manufacture OEMs who what to first auction vehicles amongst themselves, then sell to the wholesale buyers, this is the auction-style for you.

Traditional Lane
with Modern Features

For auctioneers who want a modern online experience while keeping their traditional lane buyers happy. From Proxy bidding, smartphone apps to simulcast, this is the right software.

90/120 Second
High-Speed Auction

To match the in-person experience online where buyers and sellers get caught up in the speed of the auction. Great for modern, fast-paced auctions who want a sense of urgency online.

High-Speed Appraisal

You can now offer your dealers a 10/20/30/60 minute auctions. Sort of like ACV® except you own the auction. This auction gives buyers more time to do their due diligence.

Private Label
Custom Auctions

For businesses who want auction software branded under their own name and their customer and transaction data kept private. Your Logos, your branding, your auction.


True HD simulcast where Bidders can pinch and zoom into images to see a better view of your lane. No download required, completely browser-based, so no special uploads.

Proxy-Bid Auction
with Buy Me Now

Similar to eBay®, run a proxy bid auction where bidders compete over hours or days. You can add a "buy me now" and "make an offer" to create more bidding opportunities.

Auction Widget
On Your Website

One of the simpliest ways to add bidding to your existing website. With this tiny bit of code, your bidders can register and bid on your cars live on your current website.



many auction implementations
Three auction styles

Choose Your Auction

Every implementation auction, from traditional auctions to online hybrids, we got you, with a flip of a switch.

Beautiful Site Included

Comes with a wonderful auto auction website with easy features, So managing your website easy.

Customer Registration

Build-in customer CRM with easy registration, user security, bidder badges, and reporting. Nice!

VMS Integration

Integration with selling dealer's vehicle management system. No need to re-load the car.

Fast Vehicle Check-in

Scan the VIN, VIN decode, add equipment, CR and photos. All in less than 5 min per car.

Simplified CR

Mimic the way an buyer appraises cars or build a custom condition report to your business needs.

Hybrid Run Lists

Let buyer create their own wish list of cars. Paper run list or full search results (SRP) with photos & CR.
Morning Dew
Morning Dew

Bid at the Car

Buyers can bid on vehicles before your auction starts, online or at the car during their inspection.

Proxy or Silent Pre-Bid

Proxy bidding: bids are used in $100 increments. Silent bid: bids are applied in full as the starting figure.

Lane Manager

Finally, block clerks can manage lane bidders with simulcast and proxy all in one place.

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