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load car into auction fast
fast vehicle check-in

Lightning Fast Vehicle Check-in from the App

Loading a car could not be easier. Loading a vehicle from scratch takes an average of 4 minutes, depending on vehicle severity. So you can take the photos, load the Condition Report and Add equipment and not feel pressured for time. With practice, users can load up to 100 vehicles in a shift.

Simple Steps: OPEN APP Scan VIN Finish details Take Photos Complete the Condition Report Link to Video >> then post to auction all from your smartphone.

customer car auction site
Auction Website that is included

A Website is Included

Modern, Customizable Website: We include a world-class car auction website that you can modify to your heart's content. The buyers can register, login, view run lists, and results. You can post custom photos, fees, maps, location guides, and even PDF rules.

We link the site to your URL, include your logos and customize it to make it your own. You can add videos and announce changes without the need to call support. But if you need help, we are here for you 9-9 Monday through Friday and 9-5 Saturday.

VMS Integration
inventory integration

Load Inventory From Dealer's VMS

Must-Have Feature: Preload vehicles nightly from the dealers VMS or connect to their live inventory via their API.For Auctions with large dealer groups or dealers running their own auction.

Eliminate Double Entry: With Auction Simplified's live inventory integration you leverage the dealers existing data entry of vehicles and even import their photos. This way, all you have to do is scan or type the VIN and recall the car then post for auction.

Vehicle Integration Partners Include:

vAuto integration

vAuto® VMS
Integration And API

Dealer Track integration

Integration And API

Carsforsale integration

Cars For Sale®
VMS Integration

Homenet integration


Autoniq integration


Dealer Specialties integration


Vin Solutions integration


Max Digital Firstlook integration


Take photos with our app
Take photos with our app

Unlimited Photos From App Desktop or Consigner.

Number of Photos: Take as many photos as you like or have the seller load them for you. Use your favorite camera or load from your smartphone with the Auction Simplified App. Sort, move, rotate photos within the app or browser.

Photo quality: Let's face it our phones take beautiful 12-20 MegaPixel photos, but these large photos can take a while to upload, especially on 3G or LTE. So the app compresses the picture before sending it into the cloud, preprocessing the large photo, so you don't waste time and burn through your data plan. Photo compression is a passive feature that works automatically every time you take a photo with the smartphone app. It just works, and the images look beautiful without pixelation.

Simplified C.R. or Wonderfully Customizable

Choose from our award-winning fast and easy Condition Report or build a CR the way you want it with our customizable version

Simplified CR

Mimics an Appraisal

The simple version mimics the way an appraiser appraises cars, preforming a visual and auditory inspection describing without a diagnosis.

Takes 2 Minutes

Designed to be the fastest app-based condition report on the market, allowing auctions to check-in cars faster than ever before. Users can scan the VIN, recall the vehicle, and build the CR in moments.

No Expert Knowledge

Our Simplified CR™ was built from the ground up to be created by average people. No need to be a mechanic or collision person.

Auction Simplified's Condition Report Choices

Customized CR

Scores or Stars

Comply with NAAA scoring standard, use star ratings or build your own score with customizable pull downs for easy and accurate entry

Endless CR Possibilities

Add as many sections, items, and pull down fields required for your needs. Even add custom images to each section, such as a line drawing describing whats required.

Photo Attached

Require staff to take photos as they discover an issue. The system automatically attaches the picture the CR in an easy to understand method.

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Bid from your phone at the Car

Let your buyers bid on the vehicles long before the auction starts. Or bid at the car during their inspection. They can scan the VIN and Bid. Easy.

Simple Steps: Scan the VIN Bid Repeat.

A pick of proxy bidding
a photo of all bidding styles ablowed

Super Proxy™ Customizable Bidding System

Live proxy before the auction, stalled proxy to compete with the lane or even silent proxy to jump the lane. Over 50 bidding combinations available from Auction Simplified Bidding System.

The auction manager can even set different bidding styles in each lane or at each location.

Auction TV's In the Lane
car auction tv

Bid Watcher™ Lane TV's

Built to run as a standalone unit with mini $99 pc attached or connected to a series via HDMI. The customizable Bid Watcher can be projected, or displayed in any size TV.

It also can display custom messages when the auction is not live, and even as an "If Bid" Status screen.

online registration
a photo of all bidding styles ablowed

Online Registration with Customer CRM

With our included auction website, you can allow buyers to register online or at an inhouse kiosk. Get them to accept your terms and conditions, and auto-confirm or require a staff review then confirm.

It's a custom auction CRM with password control, user levels, reporting, blocking, multiple bidders per account, numerous dealer locations, and much more.

Search for cars 1
Search for Cars 2

Find Cars Faster with the World Class Vehicle Search Engine

Advanced vehicle search, you can find the car you need with ease. Search the basics or drill down to just the vehicles you want.

Add to Watch list/Wish list, buyers can add vehicles to their own personal watch list, and then print out their own run list or bid on the cars they have chosen on a separate screen.

Search by: Year, Make, Model, Trim, VIN, distance, location, run number and many more

Manage titles in your auto auction
report of pending titles

Title Management with Document Scan

Track titles: Flag titles as branded, rebuilt or absent and open liens. Privately record title info for later retrieval and audit.

Scan Titles: Privately scan titles and other documents to the encrypted vehicle file for later retrieval.

Manage Titles: Track arrival, aging, and payment sent to sellers after title arrives or before.


HD Simulcast.

Fabulously Sharp, Intuitive & Simple

True HD Simulcast Bidders can pinch and zoom into images to see a High Definition view of your lane.

No download required Completely browser-based, so no special uploads. Fewer calls to your customer service team.

Low Equipment Cost All you need is an inexpensive PC, a $100 webcam, and a decent internet connection.

Worldwide Bidding Preapproved customers can check-in and bid from anywhere worldwide.

World class barcode scanner for auctions
Scan the vin from your smartphone

Load Cars Faster with the Built-in Barcode Scanner

With the Auction Simplified App's barcode scanner, you can avoid having to type the 17 digit VIN of each car speeding up your data entry. If the vehicle already exists, the app will take you directly to the VDP (vehicle detail page.) If it is not the VIN decoder will try to fill in as much as possible based on the serial number of the car.

Simple Steps: Load the App on your phone tap the barcode icon scan the barcode complete the vehicle check-in.

auction vehicle vin decoder
vin decoder exploder 2

Load Data Easier with the Built in VIN Decoder

Speed up the process of entering cars: the Auction Simplified app includes a world-class Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) decoder. The VIN Decoder will usually determine, year make and model, along with basic style, etc.

Suggested Options: the VIN decoder will even suggest options that may be on the vehicle for one-click addition.

Silent Bid Software
Sealed Bid Software

Sealed Bid (also called Silent Bid)

True Private Bidding, where both the buyer or seller, does not see the bids until the auction is over.

Old School Buyers, can still turn in paper bid sheets and the seller can enter them on a secure bidding system.

Auto Tabulation, the software makes it easy for the auction manager because once the auction is over it tabulates the winners in seconds.

Vehicle history report
carfax and autocheck

Carfax® and AutoCheck® Integrations

Carfax® and® Canada: Link an account and show the carfax directly on the car you are selling.

AutoCheck®: Link an account and show the Autochack histroy report directly on the car you are selling.

Wonderful experience for the buyers since they don't have to leave your site to get a vehicle history report.

VINAudit and NMVTIS: Auction Simplified can integrate with other history partners, contact us for details

Vehicle History Partners Include:

Carfax integration


Autocheck integration


Vin Audit integration

VIN Audit®

vAuto integration

Title History

Vehicle Management System for Auctions
a photo of all bidding styles ablowed

Vehicle Management System (VMS) Built In .

Full Inventory Management: everything you need to track inventory, load equipment, manage titles and load descriptions.

Recall not Reenter: When an auction ends, even if a no-sale, you can recall the car to resell it at any time.

Never Delete: Cars are always recoverable even if they are deleted.

Print Stickers: Choose from a menu of sticker choices, from state regulated buyer buides to simple barcodes, just let us know what you want the stickers to look like



Whether you're an independent auto auction, franchise dealer, OEM or Online Only, Auction Simplified is the auction software you need.

Silent Bid Sale

All the features of a traditional bid sale with full online bidding, CR and invoicing. All the features of a traditional bid sale with full online bidding, CR and invoicing.

Internal Auction
For Groups & OEMS

For large automotive dealer groups and manufacture OEMs who what to first auction vehicles amongst themselves, then sell to the wholesale buyers, this is the auction-style for you.

Traditional Lane
with Modern Features

For auctioneers who want a modern online experience while keeping their traditional lane buyers happy. From Proxy bidding, smartphone apps to simulcast, this is the right software.

90/120 Second
High-Speed Auction

To match the in-person experience online where buyers and sellers get caught up in the speed of the auction. Great for modern, fast-paced auctions who want a sense of urgency online.

High-Speed Appraisal

You can now offer your dealers a 10/20/30/60 minute auctions. Sort of like ACV® except you own the auction. This auction gives buyers more time to do their due diligence.

Private Label
Custom Auctions

For businesses who want auction software branded under their own name and their customer and transaction data kept private. Your Logos, your branding, your auction.


True HD simulcast where Bidders can pinch and zoom into images to see a better view of your lane. No download required, completely browser-based, so no special uploads.

Proxy-Bid Auction
with Buy Me Now

Similar to eBay®, run a proxy bid auction where bidders compete over hours or days. You can add a "buy me now" and "make an offer" to create more bidding opportunities.

Auction Widget
On Your Website

One of the simpliest ways to add bidding to your existing website. With this tiny bit of code, your bidders can register and bid on your cars live on your current website.

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