Auto Auction Condition Report

The only CR that's as advanced or as simplified as your require

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Simplified C.R. or Wonderfully Customizable

Choose from our award-winning fast and easy Condition Report or build a CR the way you want it with our customizable version

Simplified CR

Mimics an Appraisal

The simple version mimics the way an appraiser appraises cars, preforming a visual and auditory inspection describing without a diagnosis.

Takes 2 Minutes

Designed to be the fastest app-based condition report on the market, allowing auctions to check-in cars faster than ever before. Users can scan the VIN, recall the vehicle, and build the CR in moments.

No Expert Knowledge

Our Simplified CR™ was built from the ground up to be created by average people. No need to be a mechanic or collision person.

Auction Simplified's Condition Report Choices

Customized CR

Scores or Stars

Comply with NAAA scoring standard, use star ratings or build your own score with customizable pull downs for easy and accurate entry

Endless CR Possibilities

Add as many sections, items, and pull down fields required for your needs. Even add custom images to each section, such as a line drawing describing whats required.

Photo Attached

Require staff to take photos as they discover an issue. The system automatically attaches the picture the CR in an easy to understand method.

Auction Condition ReportWhats New

Fast Simplified Condition Report 7.2017

This version focuses on Speed and Simplicity
  • isual/Auditory inspection, not a diagnosis
  • Very little automotive knowledge required
  • Can be completed in 2 minutes or less
  • 24 key questions
  • The default answer is “Seems OK”
  • Pull-downs colored based on item severity
  • Saves as PDF for post-bid forensics
  • Date, time, log in, and IP recorded for original and changes

New Customizable Condition Report (4.2019)

In this version, you can customize the CR to your heart's content.
  • Enhanced security, to protect buyer and seller data
  • Continuity between the IOS and Android version of the App, giving the user a consistent experience between versions.
  • New custom Condition reports allow white label clients the ability to create and manage the questions on a condition report.
  • Require photos of flaws as the CR is built with the smartphone app
  • Add your own scoring system to your CR or choose from industry standards
  • Saves as PDF for post-bid forensics
  • Date, time, log in, and IP recorded for original and changes