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Top 7 auto auctionApp Features

load car into auction fast
fast vehicle check-in

Lightning Fast Vehicle Check-in from the App

Loading a car could not be easier. Loading a vehicle from scratch takes an average of 4 minutes, depending on vehicle severity. So you can take the photos, load the Condition Report and Add equipment and not feel pressured for time. With practice, users can load up to 100 vehicles in a shift.

Simple Steps: OPEN APP Scan VIN Finish details Take Photos Complete the Condition Report Link to Video >> then post to auction all from your smartphone.

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Bid from your phone at the Car

Let your buyers bid on the vehicles long before the auction starts. Or bid at the car during their inspection. They can scan the VIN and Bid. Easy.

Simple Steps: Scan the VIN Bid Repeat.

World class barcode scanner for auctions
Scan the vin from your smartphone

Load Cars Faster with the Built-in Barcode Scanner

With the Auction Simplified App's barcode scanner, you can avoid having to type the 17 digit VIN of each car speeding up your data entry. If the vehicle already exists, the app will take you directly to the VDP (vehicle detail page.) If it is not the VIN decoder will try to fill in as much as possible based on the serial number of the car.

Simple Steps: Load the App on your phone tap the barcode icon scan the barcode complete the vehicle check-in.

auction vehicle vin decoder
vin decoder exploder 2

Load Data Easier with the Built in VIN Decoder

Speed up the process of entering cars: the Auction Simplified app includes a world-class Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) decoder. The VIN Decoder will usually determine, year make and model, along with basic style, etc.

Suggested Options: the VIN decoder will even suggest options that may be on the vehicle for one-click addition.

Search for cars 1
Search for Cars 2

Find Cars Faster with the World Class Vehicle Search Engine

Advanced vehicle search, you can find the car you need with ease. Search the basics or drill down to just the vehicles you want.

Add to Watch list/Wish list, buyers can add vehicles to their own personal watch list, and then print out their own run list or bid on the cars they have chosen on a separate screen.

Search by: Year, Make, Model, Trim, VIN, distance, location, run number and many more

Take photos with our app
Take photos with our app

Unlimited Photos From App Desktop or Consigner.

Number of Photos: Take as many photos as you like or have the seller load them for you. Use your favorite camera or load from your smartphone with the Auction Simplified App. Sort, move, rotate photos within the app or browser.

Photo quality: Let's face it our phones take beautiful 12-20 MegaPixel photos, but these large photos can take a while to upload, especially on 3G or LTE. So the app compresses the picture before sending it into the cloud, preprocessing the large photo, so you don't waste time and burn through your data plan. Photo compression is a passive feature that works automatically every time you take a photo with the smartphone app. It just works, and the images look beautiful without pixelation.

auto auction condition report
CR for auto auctions
CR for auto auctions

Condition Reports that are easy to understand and use.

With our smartphone auction App, you can choose from two condition report styles: 1. Our simple award-winning condition report or 2. You can build your own with our CR Builder.

The simple version mimics the way an appraiser appraises cars, preforming a visual and auditory inspection without a diagnosis.

With the build your own version, you can ask as few or as many questions as needed. Require photos of the concerns and even apply a CR Score to each applicable area of the car.

All from the smartphone app! Learn More

Smartphone AppWhats New

New Version 5.0 (8.2019)

In this version of the auto auction app, we focused on client wish lists, adding features that our amazing buyers and sellers were asking for.
  • Enhanced security, to protect buyer and seller data
  • Continuity between the IOS and Android version of the App, giving the user a consistent experience between versions.
  • New custom Condition reports allow white label clients the ability to create and manage the questions on a condition report.
  • New 90 Second Live Auction capability, allowing clients to offer infinite combinations of auction styles
  • Condition report can now take a photo-based on condition.
  • The ability for clients to customize their buyers' screens, including new custom websites for selling dealers and white label auctions
  • Register as a buyer right from the App
  • Canadian vehicle VIN Decoder
  • The ability for users to cross-log between buyer accounts.
  • You can now customize condition report scoring
  • You can now batch upload photos from your phone library as well as take pictures in photostream on the App.
  • A new and brighter and vibrant color scheme.
  • Fixed: photo compression issue that effected some Android devices. 

Version 4.0 7.2018

This version focuses on the seller's experience with significant speed improvements with a focus on sellers vehicle check-in procedures
  • Faster Barcode Scanning
  • Improved VIN Decoder
  • Photo Compression to improve upload time on LTE
  • Advanced search functions

Version 3.0 9.2016

This version focuses on buyer's experience. The Auction Simplified App is now a full buyer and sellers B2B wholesale auction app.
  • Updated Photo process allowing a continuous photoshoot
  • Improved moving and deleting of photos.
  • CR usage improvements and styling improvements
  • Moved logout button down to avoid accidental logout
  • Updated to allow you to open and close the menu without losing the current page.
  • Removed the need to go to selling area first to find your vehicles via search, searching by VIN will first search live auctions and then search your inventory. 
  • If bids alert now take you to the list of if bids (Accept/Reject deals right from the App)
  • Star rating alert now takes you to page to rate dealers (Rate dealers & Buyers right from the App)
  • Checkout alert now takes you to invoice page (See invoices right from App)
  • Won alert now takes you to list of vehicles you won (See what you owe right from the App)
  • New question alert now allows you to answer the question (Answer questions right from the App)
  • Added ability to manage your inventory from the App
  • F
  • Added ability to place cars into auction or remove cars from auction
  • Added ability to photo your cars right from the App
  • Added ability to view vehicle Videos
  • Fixed loading of CarFax Reports
  • Fixed loading of AutoCheck Reports
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Founding Versions (5.2014)

In version 1 and 2, the App focused on allowing buyers to view condition reports. Search for vehicles of interest (SRP) and view vehicle details (VDP) and of course, bid. Our silent, open bid, make an offer or buy it now auctions. Auction Simplified App is available on the Apple IOS App Store. With the IOS Version, you can search dealer bid sales, place bids on used cars, and buy wholesale vehicles. The App is compatible with most Apple iPhones from the iPhone 4 and up.